Will Power

I was going to Mandsaur to guide IAC volunteers for conducting referendum on Jan Lokpal in the constituency ofMs eenakshi Natrajan. I did not have reservation in the train. I reached the platform at the eleventh hour as usual. As I wanted to board in the general compartment, I was stopped by a young man. “There is space here even for standing. You enter from the other gates.” said he.Instead of arguing I went to the other gate just to find more rush. I came back quickly and said the young man innocently, “Bhaiya, I did what you suggested but there is more rush in the other gate.You should let me enter now.” He let me hold the iron handle of the train and come in. Politeness works. As the train started two more passengers came behind me, and hanged with the handle of the gate, of course, without seeking the young man’s or my permission. We made some room so that we could stand properly. After ten minutes the train stopped in another station and two new passengers wanted to come in. the young men asked me not to enter others now.I said sportingly, “I do not find any reason to stop others to board the train. Of course, there is no room even for standing properly but let us put ourselves in their situation. Everyone has to reach their destination. You let me come in. I should not stop this good tradition initiated by you. But we should do something to make some room. ”I had a bundle of questionnaires and a back bag. I realized that the back bag was causing trouble to the passenger behind me. It was also covering room. I said loudly, “Please keep my bag somewhere so that more room is free.”Two – three people responded simultaneously, “There is no room here.” “We have lack of will power otherwise we can properly manage the rush.” said I.A tall young boy took my bag and placed it effort fully in the rack and said, “I have will power.” I smiled and said, “There is some room in the middle of the compartment. If we request people who are in the middle of the compartment to manage little, we can ensure that those who are hanging at the gate will come into the compartment.” “You try. You seem to have strong will power.” replied the tall young man with smile.Passengers who first enter the compartment occupy the entire rack for sleeping in the night. The rack is actually meant for keeping the luggage. But passengers use the wooden made rack for comfortable sleeping. First mover’s advantage.I started intruding in the middle of the compartment. Some passengers cursed me. I reached middle of the compartment and saw that there was much room compared to the gate area. I said loudly, “There are some passengers who are hanging at the gate. If we make some room here we can find some room for them in the compartment. I am sure nobody would like to cause accident of those who are hanging at gate. I also cited a line of some poet I had read long back.
Koi Taras raha ujiyare ko koi sooraj bandhe sota hai. (Some are deprived of candle light while others are lavishly living in light houses.)It made some impact. Some room was made. I added one more stanza spontaneously, “Koi Taras raha ujiyare ko koi sooraj bandhe sota hai. Koi latak raha darwaje par, koi paanv pasare sota hai. (Some are hanging at with the gate while others are sleeping comfortably in the train)” I also tried to touch the pulse of common man and said, “Corrupt politician and bureaucrats will do nothing for us. They never travel in general compartments. They cannot feel the pain we undergo in our daily life. We have to help ourselves.”After that there was some discussion on how should the problem of railway should be solved. Population, corruption, more general compartments were some of the causes and solutions suggested by passengers. But there was no one to listen to their voice. On my persuading, those who were sleeping on the rack got up and accommodated some children. There was also a family who was adamant to make any room. But anyhow, in 15 minutes there was much room. I asked people near the gate to inch towards middle of the compartment to pave way for the hanging passengers. Socialism and humanity cannot and should not be forced. We have to make people realize their duties towards those who are not as lucky as we are. This is what precisely Shantanu sir and thousand others are doing in a bigger scale and at larger platform. Of course, all those travelling in the compartment belong to the same class. The root cause of the problem is certainly not what I did. I once again tested my will power. Where there is a will, there is a way.

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